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gecko racing…


plant love…

My lil Kukui tree...

pretty cotton tree flower.


Camping in wonderland (aka the Kava Farm) for earth dance….super magical…as is tradition. PS yay for hula hoops.

around the fire circle...lights in the trees

our tent is down the magic path

Crispy gettin down with his torch.

playing with a hula hoop and some flashlights...

Ricardo and I did this one together. LOVE!

passing on the fire...

dream catchers on the cliffs.

on the way home from camping, we found our magic beach again!

Iris Eve

Iris Eve is an amazing warrior goddess who lives on Sumland. She brings truth and spirit with her words, she makes beautiful music with some great musicians. I got some shots for Iris and her band at the Hilo Bay Front Kava Bar on the full moon. It was a blessed night. Check out her music at http://www.reverbnation.com/irisevemusic

Beautiful Family and the Full Moon








































Snow in Canada!

Ohmdala Kids