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The first look…

I forgot to post this picture. When Ricardo and I first got to the Island and had our first day off work we went to the beach. We just went, we had to find water. We had been in Hawaii a week and had not seen the ocean! So we hitchiked down volcano and got dropped off in Pahoa. We walked threw the town to the last stop light and hitched toward the beach…our ride told us that we needed to head to Kahania beach, he said there were people like us there. We were dropped off in the middle of Mango Drive, a curvy one lane road threw huge mango trees and jungle. It was beautiful, but we still had no idea where we were or how far we had to go. We walked for a long time, got a short ride and than walked some more. Our first taste of the ocean was when the road finally curved by the water and we ran threw the palm trees to the beach. we only stayed for a few minutes so we did not miss our ride, but we touched the water and saw the breath taking coast. We did finally make it to Kahania, played in the waves, and met some good people. It is now ‘church’, we go to the drum circle every sunday, enjoy the sun, waves, kids, and amazing brothers and sisters, share beautiful food from our land, and listen to the drums. Blessed.

a few more shots from the walk…


One response

  1. Your mama

    These are breath takingly beautiful. You truly have a gift.
    I love you.

    September 10, 2010 at 2:23 am

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